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Jinx The Black Cat - Storybook

JINX THE BLACK CAT is not your average storybook. It is 165 fully illustrated pages… written entirely in rhyme! Much like a graphic novel, It has been directed and illustrated to feel like still-images from an animated film! Also includes a concept sketch gallery and biography. Buy the book today and enjoy the Art, the Magic, and the Journey!

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Jinx takes an incredible journey, and changes the world forever!

THE STORY: (no spoilers)

Jinx lives with his dear friend Zoë… a good little witch who loves Jinx very much and takes good care of him. Jinx isn't a pet; he's her best friend. Jinx cannot speak… but, he understands and tries to communicate. He sometimes thinks to himself within the words of the story.

On Halloween night, Jinx proves he's just too clumsy to go out for their first flight on a magic broom… so, Zoë leaves him at home to keep him safe. But, what happens next is an adventure Jinx never expected!

Later that night, he's taken out the window on Zoë's spare broom, and goes on an incredible journey! Jinx discovers he's not so clumsy when he's flying! He becomes a very good pilot! Zoë searches endlessly for Jinx, and never gives up hope that she'll see him again.

The people Jinx meets on his travels, help to keep him safe, and give him a place to stay. One night Jinx puts his expert flying skills to the test and helps them out in a very big way… a way that changes the world forever!

Jinx the Black Cat is a perfect storybook to read as a family. Turn off the television for an hour or so, and enjoy the artwork and rhyming story where you become the Narrator on this magical journey! The story also breaks up nicely into 3 parts of 35-50 pages, with 2-6 lines of text per page... for those who wish to read it as a bedtime story over 3 nights.

Written for Adults to Enjoy… and safe and fun for Children to enjoy just as much!

PARENTS - This storybook is completely safe and fun for children. There are no scary scenes or harsh words. The story is fun, emotional and joyful. It has good examples of kindness, good manners, and paying it forward… all worked subtly into the rhyming story. Most of all, the story will make you feel good. Children will see the Joy with their own eyes.

It is currently available as a digital e-book to reach a world-wide audience. The e-book is compatible with Computers, Tablets and Smartphones! It works very well in the "iBooks" app on Apple devices!

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BUY THE BOOK today and enjoy the Art, the Magic, and the Journey!